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This is the website of the "Forum Fotografie Mödling", a Center for Photographic Art

The "Forum Fotografie Mödling" is an association (in the in the course of formation) that aims to create a cultural focus in the area of artistic photography and the presentation of artistic photography as a substantial component of the visual arts.

This forum is intended to serve as an intermediary between art and the public in order to arouse public awareness of the photography of one of the most important media of the 21st century and independent art form, the understanding and respect of photography and related media and its evolving role in the contemporary arts, and encourage more people to actively participate in this art form and to be inspired by a variety of different types of photography.

We want to achieve these goals, among other things, through
the building up of a "community" that is active or supportive to our set goals.
the organisation of individual and group exhibitions of regional, national and international photo artists.
The organisation of "Juried Exhibitions", through which by a "Call for Artists" (on social media) interested artists are invited to submit their works (on a particular topic) for a "jurid" exhibition. A jury selects a certain number of works, which are then presented in a group exhibition.
The exhibitions are shown in "Pop Up" - Galleries, which will be located in Mödling at various locations. In the medium term, however, the opening of a special photo gallery of the "Forum Fotografie" in a central location Mödling is planned.
Organisation and realisation of workshops, seminars, lectures and artist talks
Organisation and realisation of"Portfolio Reviews"
Setting up of a library focusing on photography and related art
Setting up of a collection of photographic works
Networking and cooperation with national and international photo galleries and organisations
Organisation and realisation of an International Photofestival in Mödling

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